A Collection of Resources for Ambrosia Software's Cythera


For years, there has been a lot of helpful information about Cythera available to players online, as well as platforms where fans can get together and chat. This site is not intended to replace any of those existing resources; rather, I consider it to be but one part of a larger, comprehensive collection of Cythera sites. The major classification of Cythera sites as I see it is:

Here at Cythera Guides, I have attempted to aggregate all the remaining bits of information about Cythera that may be desirable for fast reference. The pages here have been developed with much help from the members of the Cythera Web Board.

Table of Contents

Note: These pages include in-depth explanations and analyses of their content, which may be classified as spoilers for those who have not played Cythera.

Check out the Archives page for a couple more preserved guides, plus some other materials, for Ambrosia games; all links on that page are for archival purposes only.

Cythera Guides also hosts Theldrow - Tips & Cheats, a small collection of hints to help with Glenn Andreas' earliest RPG, Theldrow.

Cythera's images, audio, and text are owned by Ambrosia Software Inc.