In Cythera, sleep is not strictly required. It can be dangerous to travel at night because of the presence of ruffians, and it is a good way to regenerate your character, but there do not appear to be any negative effects due to not sleeping. As mentioned, one of its best uses is character regeneration, and this seems to be the main aspect of sleep that varies with the location. That is, sleeping in your bed in Land King Hall gives you more rest (better regeneration) than an abandoned bed in some other area. Very little conclusive data has been gathered about sleep. More may be added to this page at some point, but for now, all of the known information has been collected by BreadWorldMercy453 on the Cythera Web Board.

Base Regeneration Rates

Bed Attribute Health and Mana Regeneration Per Hour
Your Bed 12
Paid Bed 10
Other Bed 4-5

Base regeneration rates do not apply if you have been hungry for more than 2 hours (your hunger stat is 0 or 1).

Omen's Ring Regeneration Rates

Bed Attribute Health Regeneration Per Hour
Your Bed 30
Paid Bed 25
Other Bed 10-12

Omen's ring provides a regeneration bonus that adds to the base regeneration rate. If you have been hungry for 2 or more hours, you won't receive the base rate, only Omen's ring bonus.

Finally, note that these numbers have been somewhat inconsistent across different trials. This suggests that the regeneration rate is affected by other factors, such as character level.

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