When players start a new game in Cythera, they can choose between a male or female character, with the following portraits available:

Male Female
Portrait 1 Portrait 2 Portrait 3 Portrait 1 Portrait 2 Portrait 3

Character Classes

There are nine archetypes from which to select a new character. Archetypes only indicate characters with aptitudes in certain areas. For instance, the Swordsman has more fighting potential at the start of the game while a Mage has more magic potential. Note that ranked skills are not usable until the character is trained at least once in that category; at that point, they gain the advantage of their natural aptitudes. That is, the Wizard will have no mana or casting at the start of the game. Once the player trains in mana and casting, the character will have the trained points in addition to the 2 points and 6 points of aptitude in mana and casting. For detailed descriptions of skills, see the Skills page.

Class Body Reflex Mind Skills Description
Explorer 16 16 16 Attack[2], Defense[2], Mana[2], Casting[2] An explorer is one who learns much of the world, but has yet to master any of it. A well-rounded character with no particular strengths or weaknesses. (Has aptitudes in the basics, but nothing beyond that.)
Fighter 18 18 12 Attack[4], Defense[4] A fighter is one who is proficient with the combative arts, and balanced between attack and defense.
Swordsman 17 19 12 Attack[2], Defense[2], Sword[2], Shield[2] A swordsman is a fighter who has specialized in the use of sword and shield.
Berserker 20 16 12 Attack[6], Barehand[2] A berserker is a fighter who goes all out in his attacks, shunning even the use of weapons in his attack.
Mage 10 18 20 Mana[4], Casting[4] A mage is one who is proficient in the mystical arts, and balanced between the pursuit of power and knowledge. (Not much for combat, using the magic arts instead.)
Wizard 10 18 20 Mana[2], Casting[6] A wizard is a mage who has specialized in knowing as broad a base in the mystical arts as possible. (May not have as much mana as others, but will have just the right spell for any occasion. Not much for combat, using the magic arts instead.)
Mystic 10 18 20 Mana[6], Casting[2] A mystic is a mage who has specialized in powers within, even at the expense of a broad base. (Normally specializes in only a few spells, and relies heavily on them. Not much for combat, using the magic arts instead.)
Storyteller 16 18 14 Attack[1], Defense[2], Missile[1], Persuasion, Haggling A storyteller is one who wanders about the lands, with a natural rapport with his audience. (Charming, and can use that charm in a variety of situations. Can also defend himself if needed.)
Rogue 16 18 14 Attack[2], Traps, Awareness, Locks A rogue is one who has mastered some of the more deceptive arts. (Not afraid of a little combat, if she gets caught.)

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