Time and Location Pane

The time and location pane, from the lower right corner of Cythera's in-game window, displays the current location as a small image, as well as the position of the sun. The foreground image changes with the player's location, of course, but the background image is static at the same time each day. That is, the sun and sky color depend only on the in-game time. The sun and sky can be changed at will, but the primary purpose of this page is to demonstrate the different images that are displayed with each location.

Cythera has two moons: a smaller red one and a larger white one. These moons have phases, making their position differ with the day and time. Due to the complexity of the moon phases and their irrelevance in correctly displaying the time, the two moons have not been included in this recreation. However, Pallas Athene has used data collected by BreadWorldMercy453 to create a complete Cythera sky simulator that includes the two moons (which he has dubbed "Mikros" and "Makros"). It's a really great simulator that is both fun and informative. Check it out on Pallas' website at http://sfiera.net/~sfiera/selenes.html

Note for user's with non-HTML5 compliant browsers: Most popular browsers should allow users to select the location to display. Unfortunately, the time slider implements an HTML5 element that is not available in most browsers. If your current browser is displaying a blank area or a text box, please try the page in the latest version of Safari or Chrome. Otherwise, you can still set the time, but it must be done manually. The function reads the time in military format (0-24 hours), but rather than dividing each hour into 60 minutes, they are divided into 100 units. Thus, to display 5:45 PM, the correct input would be 1775; 3:30 AM would be 350.

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