Cythera Guides keeps some archives of other Cythera-related sites. These works are the creations of their respective authors; I neither own them nor maintain them in any way.

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Although this website is first and foremost a Cythera guide, there are a few other Ambrosia Software games I enjoy. A couple of these once had their own very useful reference material sites, and I was disappointed to see them disappear from online. I think their respective authors had intentions similar to my own when creating their pages, and for that reason, I'm backing them up in an attempt to preserve some of the excellent resources made for these other games. I hope others will find some use from these links. As before, I want to mention that I neither own nor maintain these websites in any way. These are just for archival purposes.

Cythera Guides also archives game-related pages if the content is at risk of being lost otherwise.