Note: MacOSJournal no longer exists. The pages here are presented as an archive of the original Ferazel's Wand Secrets Guide written by Erica Marceau. They are being posted for archival purposes only; hosted by Cythera Guides

I have also completed a Let's Play Ferazel's Wand series based on this guide for those interested.


Ferazels' Wand Secrets Guide

Ferazel's Wand in a Nutshell

So what is Ferazel's Wand and why did we decide that a secrets guide was necessary? Ferazel's Wand is a 2D adventure game for the Mac OS by Ambrosia Software. If you are unfamiliar with Ferazel's Wand, Marc Messer wrote a review of it in the June issue of MacOS monthly. That review has been reprinted here. Also, a demo of the game is available from Ambrosia. The full version costs $30.

We decided that a Secret's Guide was necessary, first because Ferazel's Wand is complex and challenging. And second, the game is designed such that the main goal isn't just to beat it, but to score 100% on the secrets found, enemies killed, and Xichrons collected. So, as you can see, Ferazel himself was begging for some help.

Erica isn't making this guide alone...

There are several critical tools that Erica used to make this guide:

MacAlly iShockMacAlly iShock - Ferazel's Wand often requires complex and difficult jumps. Using a game controller makes it easier to excecute these moves... trust us :) The iShock is 100% compatible with iMac or G3/G4, MacOS 8.5.1 or later and has eight fully programmable buttons. And it features a translucent design that looks good with your Mac. The iShock's suggested retail price is $39.00.

FerazEdit Screenshot FerazEdit by David Shaw, allows you to edit your saved games. With it you can "edit the amount of coins, health, mana, and points that Ferazel has. It also allows you to set Ferazel's inventory including all of the spells and items that can be found in the game (and a few that cannot!)." And FerazEdit is Freeware! Check it out and the other freeware and shareware products available at TheResistance.

Ambrosia Message Board - Hosted by Ambrosia Software, this message board can be key to getting you out of tough situations when playing any of Ambrosia's games. It's Erica approved!

The Guide

Each level's guide features hints, and lots of screenshots to make sure you find everything possible and can finish at 100% (if it's possible, of course). Use the game map or the direct links below to go to each level. Once you've read a level's guide, use the title graphic at the top or the button at the bottom of each page to come back here!

If you have any comments or questions about this guide, feel free to send feedback to Erica.

Game Map

Map Key

Erica's Current Location
Boss Level
A Level

Hover your cursor over a level to read it's name. Click on it to go to the secrets guide for that level.

The Levels are also available in Alphabetical order below:

A Scent of Peril Labyrinth
The Level Key
Cave Levels
Desert Levels
Ice Levels
Forest Levels
Building Levels
Fire Levels
Boss Levels
Central Caverns Manditraki Warrior
The Dig Manditraki Wizard
Eastern Reaches Obfuscation & Edification
Ends of the Earth Out of the Frying Pan
Fire Guardians Parched Earth
Fire in the Hole Purple Haze
Flash Freeze River of Fears
Goblin Chief Storm Valley
Hangnabit Unemployed in Greenland
If You Can't Stand the Heat... Western Reaches
Iceconoclasm Xichara's Lair