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The Ambrosia Times was a digital newsletter that kept customers up-to-date with the latest events at Ambrosia Software. It began with Issue 1.1 in July 1994 and ended with Issue 7.1 in January 2000. Following January 2000, its newsletter format was dropped in favor of the Ambrosia Newswire. This was more like a corporate blog where press releases and developer updates could be posted regularly, and while some aspects remained the same, it was decidedly more "news" focused than the frequently tongue-in-cheek Ambrosia Times.

With Ambrosia seemingly gone, fans have been working to archive a lot of their old content. For the Ambrosia Times, there are two particularly useful sources already out there:

This page is a mix of the two, containing both original file downloads and converted HTML versions. Mainly, I wanted to save the newsletters I'd copied directly from the Ferazel's Wand CD, which held Issues 1.1 - 5.3 in their initial DOCMaker format and Issues 5.4 - 6.5 in the new HTML format. To the best of my knowledge, issues beyond 5.3 were never released in DOCMaker. DOCMaker conversion was done using the DOCMaker Library by Jeremiah Morris. I like how easy to read and navigate these versions are, compared to pulling up an emulator to run the DOCMaker file, but it has more than its fair share of bugs... You may notice discolored or missing images and misaligned text. I might slowly work through correcting these conversions, but since so many other options are available (including the original DOCMaker download), these should suffice for quick reference.

The Library

Issue 1.1, Jul 1994
Issue 1.2, Sep 1994
Issue 1.3, Nov 1994
Issue 2.1, Jan 1995
Issue 2.2, Mar 1995
Issue 2.3, May 1995
Issue 2.4, Jul 1995
Issue 2.5, Sep 1995
Issue 2.6, Nov 1995
Issue 3.1, Jan 1996
Issue 3.2, Mar 1996
Issue 3.3, May 1996
Issue 3.4, Jul 1996
Issue 3.5, Sep 1996
Issue 3.6, Nov 1996
Issue 4.1, Jan 1997
Issue 4.2, Mar 1997
Issue 4.3, May 1997
Issue 4.4, Jul 1997
Issue 4.5, Sep 1997
Issue 4.6, Nov 1997
Issue 5.1, Jan 1998
Issue 5.2, Mar 1998
Issue 5.3, May 1998
Issue 5.4, Jul 1998
Issue 5.5, Sep 1998
Issue 5.6, Nov 1998
Issue 6.1, Jan 1999
Issue 6.2, Mar 1999
Issue 6.3, May 1999
Issue 6.4, Jul 1999
Issue 6.5, Sep 1999
Issue 6.6, Nov 1999
Issue 7.1, Jan 2000