Welcome to the Glenn Andreas Homepage

This page is the home of G Andreas Software products, including Theldrow and Blobbo.

Theldrow is a freeware fantasy role playing game, sporting a first person view. Originally written more years ago than I care to admit (think MacPlus) version 2.3 includes support for color, making Theldrow the only free color frp for the Mac.

Blobbo was a shareware puzzle based game - you must pick up all the toy chests in each level without falling victim to various interlocking traps and pitfalls. Lots of sound, animation, and general sillyness combine with addictive puzzler that will provide many hours of entertainment. News: Blobbo has been sold - see FAQ for more information

In the Oct 94 issue of MacTech magazine, I wrote an article on how to play music using QuickTime 2.0. I also made a simple utility that helps in creating these music resources.

New! Release 2.0a1 of GMS is now available here.

Chimera is a game that I had been working on as the "next great frp". I now consider it more a research project than a useful product, and other than what is here, it will never see the light of day.

My current project is going by the name (at least for now) of Delver. I hope to have some screen shots as soon as I get some decent usable artwork done - Click here for more info (last updated 24 July 96 with screenshots)
*New*Delver now has its own site, sponsered by Ambrosia Software: http://www.delver.com

Here is a replacement for the Objective C mini-runtime found on CodeWarrior Pro 1, which supports both PPC and categories
Send comments to gandreas@skypoint.com (no mailto link on purpose)