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Ambrosia Addons Archive

One of the best aspects of Ambrosia games was that they encouraged their users to create plugins and mods; these would add new elements to their games. This helped keep an active user base and built goodwill among the fans and with the company. The Escape Velocity series is best known for being easily editable, and users created hundreds of different scenarios for EV games.

Despite EV games having the most plugins, Ambrosia offered hosting for fan-made addons to all of their games. It would be sad to lose all this user-made content if/when Ambrosia's servers go down, so I added an archive here on Cythera Guides to preserve that material. Sure, a lot of it isn't that valuable, but there are some real gems in these files. In any case, they represent many thousands of hours of fans' efforts to present their own ideas to others through Ambrosia's terrific games.

Every game with addons is linked alphabetically below. Each link directs you to an index with another alphabetized listing which contains links to all the addons. Every listing has the same details seen on Ambrosia's site as of the archive date (Feb. 16, 2019) -- information like author, rating, number of downloads, and a general description. Click the filename to download the plugin.

The current version of each page supports basic sorting and searching. Thanks to sfiera, almost all the correct dates have been restored as well! If you prefer a flat layout, you may browse a version with those links here.

A couple notes:

These pages are quite basic, but sorting and searching are supported to an extent. You can click on a column title to toggle ascending or descending sort, and you can enter a term in the search bar to live filter results.

Click on "#" or copy the link to get a direct link to any plugin.

There are a few rare cases of missing files. These could not be located on Ambrosia's servers at the time of archive and have probably been removed. In such cases, an italicized "File Missing" warning will be placed alongside the addon description. If anyone has a copy of any of the missing files, let me know, and I'll happily restore them!

The original dates used to come from Ambrosia's page, but thanks to efforts made by sfiera, many dates have been filled in from pages (like this one). To give a little backstory, a number of Ambrosia's dates read Aug. 12, 2004. On that date Ambrosia had migrated to their newer website, alongside updated addons pages. Somehow, they lost all of the original dates in the conversion process, but they have now been mostly restored. There may still be a handful that are wrong, which will hopefully be corrected in time.