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#Andrews World.sit (142.00 kB)
With 6 levels, Andrew's World 0.1 is currently the largest Ferazel's Wand world. The plot: Not to long ago, the Mac-using Habnabits were happy. Then Microsoft purchased Manditraki Inc. Ferazel's quest is to get help from the Linux/Amiga fanatics, and kill Bill Gates.
#Basic Nothingness 04.sit (235.00 kB)
Basic Nothingness is back after a hiatus, and is now better than ever with 6 levels total! Known as the first world set ever released to the public, it now holds the title for the largest level ever in public, defeating even Ben Spees's original classics in size by 2x! Basic Nothingness, called "beautiful" by many, is bizarre, unorthodox, and 100% mean bastard all the way! (Now featuring two new levels, "Well-Paid in Newfoundland," and "Let's Dance, Fatboy.")
#blanket (165.00 kB)
Blanket Of Regions- This new world contains one level, Frozen Mortality. Ferazel is trapped down in a freezing cold ice level. It is a crazy, mixed up, level. I hope you enjoy it. I’m going to be updating my world file with more levels.
#Choice Pictures (1.10 MB)
Perhaps you are among those who have been following the Dr. Tall Land Progress Log without any knowledge of what the set actually is. Enlightenment is on its way with the Dr. Tall Land Teaser Set #1. Containing over 100 pictures, this set should provide you some slight insight as to what Dr. Tall Land contains. Neat as they are, these pictures are limited in content as to not give away any big secrets. If you see something that looks ary, don't hesitate to mention it in the topic Progress Log for Dr. Tall Land. Thanks! (this is the good one!)
#day2.sea (3.90 MB)
Day 2 of the Twelve days of Christmas is two fun snow levels (by Lizwiz) with special sprites (by Cybergran) and background. The levels can be played without the special sprites but they are much more fun with them. We've enclosed sprite patch and unpatch with instructions. Enjoy!
#DeepDeathsLevelSet.sit (396.00 kB)
This is a level set that I made it is three and 1/2 levels long (the fourth level is there but not in the game if you want to test it go to mascot and link node 95 to 96 and play)1 hint: don't try to kill the spiders in stage 2 PS: near the end of stage 2 isn't made well i'll fix it in the next version PSS:ENJOY!!!
#DrTallLandTeasersR1.sea (7.40 MB)
Perhaps you are among those who have been following the Dr. Tall Land Progress Log without any knowledge of what the set actually is. Enlightenment is on its way with the Dr. Tall Land Teaser Set #1. Containing over 100 pictures, this set should provide you some slight insight as to what Dr. Tall Land contains. Neat as they are, these pictures are limited in content as to not give away any big secrets. If you see something that looks ary, don't hesitate to mention it in the topic Progress Log for Dr. Tall Land. Thanks! (this is the good one!)
#Edification (Intel) (4.50 MB)
Edification is an alternative editor for Ferazel's Wand world data files which runs natively on Mac OS X. Its purpose is not to replace MASCOT but to provide features that MASCOT lacks.
#Edification (PPC) (4.70 MB)
Edification is an alternative editor for Ferazel's Wand world data files which runs natively on Mac OS X. Its purpose is not to replace MASCOT but to provide features that MASCOT lacks.
#EvilSoil (338.00 kB)
This was just a little level I made for Ferazel. Ferazel is trapped underground and the evil wizard Wagga Hagga Woo Hoo is after all of the Habnabits. Everyone but Ferazel is sick or wounded, so he must fight the wizard himself!
#ExtemporaneousX.sit (625.00 kB)
Extempraneous X - A Brief History Last year some of us Ferazelers worked on a wonderful project called the Twelve Days of Christmas 12 presents each day after Christmas. A lot of great releases came out during that time, you can still see them at: http://12days.ferazel.net/ Extemporaneous X was released at that time, though never added to this page. So one year later, as I contemplate revisiting Extemporaneous, I decided to finally upload it onto this here addons page for all to download not just the Ferazeling elite. This version of Extemporaneous contains four new levels, bringing it to a grand total of eleven. Enjoy! -Emperor Ent emperorent@ferazel.net
#FerazEdit1.1 (787.00 kB)
FerazEdit is a Saved Game Editor for Ferazel's Wand. The editor allows you to edit the amount of coins, health, mana, and points that Ferazel has. It also allows you to set Ferazel's inventory including all of the spells and items that can be found in the game (and a few that cannot!). Now includes icons of all inventory items, bug fixes and improvements, and no beta timeout!
#Ferazel's Wand 1.0.3 Update (204.00 kB)
This is for the FULL CD version of Ferazel's Wand ONLY. This updater brings Ferazel's Wand up to Ferazel's Wand 1.0.3, the latest version which contains a few bug fixes.
#FerazelEditor.sit (2.30 MB)
This is the internal level editor used to create the levels for Ferazel. It is entirely as-is, completely unsupported, and will never be upgraded. That said, you may find it reasonably usable. It's being released solely due to popular demand. Remember -- use at your own risk!
#FerazelFireCaverns (840.00 kB)
The theme to the Ferazel's Wand "Fire Caverns" levels, by Eric Speier, encoding in high-quality MP3 format for your listening pleasure!
#Ferazelina.sit (308.00 kB)
This is a 14 level world where Ferazel is on a quest to rescue his wife, Ferazelina who has been kidnapped by evil as revenge on Ferazel for killing their leader, Xichra. Most of the levels are of average difficulty except for one easy one and a few very hard ones. Highly reccommended. E-mail comments after playing would be greatly appreciated.Please send e-mails to ferazelina@hotmail.com
#ferazellauncher.dmg (56.00 kB)
Ever played a round of Ferazel's Wand in Mac OS X and noticed afterwards that it resized or moved around your Mail, Project Builder and other open windows? This bothered me somewhat, so the "Ferazel's Wand X Launcher" application (aka. "FW X Launcher") was born. It changes the resolution to 640x480x8 (256 colors) and then it proceeds to launch Ferazel's Wand. That way it prevents the Ferazel's Wand application from having to change the resolution first, and thus no resizing/rearranging of windows takes place. Additionally, FW X Launcher also appears to have the nice side effect of hiding the dock, so there are no more ugly dock remnants to be seen while Ferazel is loading. Requires Mac OS X 10.0 or later and Ferazel's Wand 1.0 or later.
#FerazelOverture (1.30 MB)
The theme to the Ferazel's Wand title music, by Eric Speier, encoding in high-quality MP3 format for your listening pleasure!
#FerazelRuins (949.00 kB)
The theme to the Ferazel's Wand "Ruins" levels, by Eric Speier, encoding in high-quality MP3 format for your listening pleasure!
#FerazelsWand TheReturn.sit (219.00 kB)
Ferazel returns from his marathon with Xichera only to find that Geroditus is still in a bad way and the caverns are deserted. He has to patch Geroditus up and then go looking for the lost tribes. As he searches through the caverns he begins to realise that he didn't do such a good mopping up job as he thought he had.
#Ferazes Wand icons (210.00 kB)
Tired of those old Ferazel's Wand icons? Need somthing that will make it look better? These are some new Ferazel's Wand Icons made by Max Rudburg and Ice. Enjoy!
#Fire of Death.sit (6.40 kB)
This is really good. Fire of death has 6 levels so far. Level 6 is not finished. There are no fire levels yet! Have a great time with it post comments on web board!
#Flying inc (255.00 kB)
Happy Valentine's Day! This is a big present to all the Ferazel fans. This is a one level teaser of flying incorporated, For bugs and such email me, zamx zik, at: camzy@goldnsquare.net
#FW Tile Bug Fix.sit (289.00 kB)
I didn't realize that I never got around to releasing this, a fix for some tile problems I saw around Ferazel's Wand. Anyway, here it is. Problems that I missed can be sent to me at william@pioneerstreet.com
#HabnabitDeliveryCorp (241.00 kB)
Ferazel starts working for Habnabit Deliveries corp,10 short funny levels 3 hanggliding 3 magic carpet 3 Boss 1 mine cart! Made by Zaarock email at Zaarock@hotmail.com i made these levels for fun in a short time i didnt intend to make a big project.
#Jacks World (324.00 kB)
Ferazel was just minding his own buisness when a strange man named Vion appeared. Vion told Ferazel of a war going on in the higher grounds and that he wanted Ferazel to help him fight back the evil armies of Xichra. Join Ferazel as he embarks on a quest to rid the land of foul creautures, discover forgotin history, and restore peace to Teraknorn once and for all! This is the first half of the full version wich has not been completed. Warning: If you start a new game on this half, when I release th second (full) version you'll have to start a new game. Created by Two Jacks
#Knight of NI (145.00 kB)
This is a beta-world for Ferazel's wand. The story continues where it ended in the original Ferazel's wand world. By Knight of NI. Version was updated 11/30/00
#Last Of the Habnabits (283.00 kB)
Look At Description on Hackin web board, otherwise, just a VERY good set of levels, second best ever made rated by over a thousand ppl
#Malcolms World Teaser (450.00 kB)
This is a teaser for Malcolm's World, it contains only the first level but several people have already said it is good. I have tried to get the level as bug - free as I can but if you do find any bugs, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at: malcolm.gill@ntlworld.com! Also, I would love it if people sent me reviews, praise, criticism etc. and I'd also love it if people visited the 'Malcolm's World Official Web-Site' at: http://homepage.mac.com/mdwgmalc/! Enjoy the preview! (May need to hit "option" when selecting the file to download.)
#MASCOT 800x600 patch (54.00 kB)
The MASCOT 800x600 patch is for people who use the level editor, and do not have a 1024x768 or larger screen. It changes the conversation editing dialog so it will fit on an 800x600 screen.
#MSIP 1.0.sit (68.00 kB)
MASCOT Slight Improvment Patch (M.S.I.P.) slightly improves MASCOT (The Ferazel Editor). It optionally makes the conversation dialog fit a small screen, adds built-in help to some things, and makes the dialogs Òmovable modalÓ (You can switch to another app when in a movable modal dialogs.)
#Music 3 pack 0.1 (1.40 MB)
A new update. This one has a new music file. I changed the names of things and changed the icons to make it look better. Hope you like it!
#Music Reference (45.00 kB)
Ever want to know what levels use which music file? Looking for a good music file for your level? This reference was made to help me locate, play, and browse the music files. You can select a level and find out which music file it uses, or you can drop a music file onto it and have it display the level it's used in. You can preview the files, too (if you have QuickTime 5).
#One Ferazel Against Th.sit (255.00 kB)
This is v1.1 of One Ferazel Against the World by Bob the Mediocre. It adds one level and makes the other 3 slightly harder. Please post comments and suggestions on the webboard. This should fix the BinHex bug... I hope
#Orthographic Universe 0.1 (432.00 kB)
A mass grave, a mysterious scientist. Ferazel comes home, tired and weary, only to find not everything is peaceful yet. Please post comments and suggestions on the webboard, and find a link to the website there, too.
#S.N.1.5.sit (140.00 kB)
Still Nameless 1.5 is here. It adds one new level and various small changes to Still Nameless itself. Please keep in mind the exit to Still Nameless will send you into oblivion shoud you attempt to use it, see the ReadMe file for further details. -Thok
#searchfwmusic0100 (30.00 kB)
Search FW Music is a small AppleScript by PCheese that lets you search its database of levels and their associated music files. This is useful for those who bundle music files with their levels. Similar to the Music Reference.
#stillnameless.sit (130.00 kB)
Still Nameless 1.0 is here at last! One challenging 256x64 level for all you ferazel lovers. Post comments on the Ferazel's Wand board. Post name ideas in the 'I need a level name...' topic on the Ferazel Hacking board. Made by Thok (humanmonkey@yahoo.com).
#The final escape V 1.2 (109.00 kB)
2'nd try!! In this version its exactly the same except you can get to Level 2! (It makes it a lot more fun that way) PS: Level 3 Is inaccessible
#The Hope.sit (6.40 MB)
Hey everyone! This is The Hope 1.0! The hope is a whole new world with new spells and ideas! Enjoy! Any bugs or comments just email me at Martin@jencka.com!
#The Last War 1.1 (2.60 MB)
Version 1.1, by Salrillian. War has broken out in Teraknorn. The Manditraki remnants have gathered their forces in the east, and are amassing an army to march against Teraknorn. Underground, the goblins have organised and are exterminating the few remaining habnabits, the city of habnabitus is a ruin, but something more sinister awaits. In the northern mountains, demons are gathering at the fetid peak, they are drawn to it by a force matched in power only by the late Xichra herself, and the secret of the maditraki's habnabit roots is about to be revealed. In the great forest, a dark prescence lurks, capturing the life and burning the woods, can you discover its secret before its too late? Do it all in THE LAST WAR, THE FINAL SAGA OF TERAKNORN This is the first 7 levels, more levels will be released with new versions.
#The Origin of the mist potion (109.00 kB)
This is a level explaning where the mist potion came from. I hope to come out with more levels explaining where the potions, Seeds, And other magics came from!
#The Rising (137.00 kB)
Version 1.0 of 'The Rising' Im releasing a new version each time i finish a level. So far i have 1 level in which Habnabiton, the great fortress of the habnabit is under attack, now, only ferazel remains. Please give me feedback by rating this or e-mailing me with questions, comments or complaints at Sam.ennis@rcn.com
#The Tain 1.1 (293.00 kB)
Made by Nathilia and Salrillian. I basically released this because for some obscure reason version 1.1.0 wouldent expand. I fixed a few small bugs on level 1. Enjoy!
#TheRing.v0.1.sit (387.00 kB)
Version 0.1 has one level.I am planning to publish a new version every time i finish a level or two from DeepDeath666
#TimedBosses.sit (119.00 kB)
This is 2 levels that have the sole purpose of showing how a timed boss level can be done. Please note that these levels are NOT complete they have many rough edges (doors don't look right when retracted, etc.) but are playable.
#TranscendingTeraknorn1.0 (544.00 kB)
Come join Ferazel once again on a fresh journey facing all new challenges and terrains. This is a highly detailed set of 6 levels, with varied areas of difficulty. I spent much time testing and retesting these levels and have gotten all thumbs up by those who have played it. If you are a serious Ferazel fanatic (such as I), I think you will seriously enjoy Transcending Teraknorn 1.0! - Created by Justine
#UN Ferazels Wand World Data (232.00 kB)
Another world submitted for your approval. (May need to option click to download.)
#Verrana 1.0.sit (273.00 kB)
Verrana is a world that borders Teraknorn. Ferazel returns from fighting Xichra to discover that Geroditus has disappeared, so he decides to search Verrana. What he doesn't know is that his meeting with his old friend will lead to fighting another Dread Queen and a disgusting race. Version 1.0 contains 7 levels. By Beatrix
#XaarockPart I (421.00 kB)
#Xichras Revenge Teaser.sit (546.00 kB)
Day 3, brings you a three level Teaser from Xichra's Revenge by MDWGMalc and ferazel_09. You won't want the snow sprite for this one. A tantalising snip of these long awaited levels.