Last updated: 31 August 97

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Delver is the "next great role playing game engine", with Cythera being the first scenerio to utilize this engine. Here is a list of tenative features:


Here are some very preliminary screenshots of the renderer. This first picture is an outdoors shot, with mountains and a river flowing past.

Here's the inside of the main keep in Cademia, complete with bed, throne, tables, etc... - a much more interesting picture.

Still images don't show off the really cool things (for example, if you take a step to the west in the second shot, the room to the right dissappears, and the walls on the corner change shape to just wrap around what you can see).


  1. No I don't need beta testers

  2. Everything is subject to change - even the name

  3. I'm hoping to release it before the end of the year (the engine is about 90% done, but the scenario is only around 10%-15%)

  4. It currently needs 8 megs of free memory to run, and it runs well on both PowerPC and 68K Macs (although the PowerPC version has better lighting effects, and is obviously faster.

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