Cythera mission walk-thrus

Cure Alaric
Negotiate Wine Contract
Retrieve Books of Wisdom (x/10)
Rescue kidnapped Ariadne
Learn Magic at Magisterium
Cure Plague in Catamarca
Interrogate Bandit
Show Crystal to Lindus
Take Crystal to Timon
Free Maayti
Find Son of Sabinate
Honor Jinrai
Ask Halos about Comana
Take Dryas to Berossus
Timeflux book to Charax
Kelp to Charax
Ask Thuria about Iron Mine
Investigate Iron Mine
Seek out Prusa
Take flour to Apis
Find Harpy Egg for Pheres
Find Eioneus
Get Gator Skin to Alastor
Learn of Alaric's Mother
Put flowers on Andra's grave
Find Thersites' Ring
Take net to Stentor
Find source of Kesh
Find Opheltius' murder weapon
Interview Stentor

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