Cure Alaric

How to get

If you can't figure that out, then I don't think I can help you.

How to solve

Complete Cure Plague in Catamarca. Complete Show Crystal to Lindus. Complete Take Crystal to Timon. Use one piece of the Crolna on the other. Get Free Maayti. Complete Honor Jinrai. Complete Free Maayti. Complete Rescue kidnapped Ariadne. Complete Ask Halos about Comana. Complete Take net to Stentor. Complete Find Opheltius' murder weapon. Talk to Philinus, the elder of Nicander in Odemia. Ask him about "Pipes." Go to Kosha. Find the secret doors in House Comana. On the pipes that Philinus gave you, play PHJMD. The doors will open go downstairs. You must have the two merged pieces of the crolna and the one separate shard from Maayti. Pelagon/Magpie will ask you to give the crolna to him. DO NOT give the crolna away! After being turned down a few times, Pelagon will give you the final crolna shard. Combine all the pieces of the crolna. Complete Timeflux book to Charax. Go back to Sabinate. Talk to him. He should give you a mushroom. Complete Kelp to Charax. Take the mushroom to Charax. Charax will load up his distiller. Use it on the crolna. Use the crolna on Alaric.
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