The Land of Cythera

A. Cademia, Mother City(Guide)
B. Odemia(Guide)
C. Catamarca(Guide)
D. Kosha(Guide)
E. Pnyx(Guide)
F. Land King Hall
G. Iron Mine
H. Headwater Ruins
I. Harpy Cave
J. Land's End Volcano
K. Ruffian Encampment
L. Swamp Ruins(Maayti)
M. North Shore Vineyard
N. Southland Vineyard
O. Flax Farm
P. Abandoned Farmhouse
Q. Cove
R. Lost Abydos
S. Eioneus' Cave
T. Charax's House
U. Cult of Scylla Temple
V. Stronghold
W. Disappearing Stronghold
X. Mystic Helmet Cave
Y. UrSylph's Prison
Z. Prusa

Plain map(1/2,1/4)(Guide,Guide1/2)

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