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There's a full Let's Play Theldrow video of the complete game on Cythera Guide's Youtube channel for those interested!


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Theldrow Documentation

Welcome to Theldrow

Theldrow is a world of adventure and magic. Unlike many public domain games of this genre, you don't just wander around, kill things, and then go down to the next level - for me at least, this gets boring fast. Then there's games like Wizardry. Nice, but this is a Mac - we want graphics - not just simple lines! (Might & Magic was better, but too modal in many places, and there was no real perspective in the pictures - doors seemed to get smaller as they got closer!)

So, after playing around with different ideas, I came up with this one. Play with this one, see what you think. I will be adding new scenarios and features to the game - all allowing you to keep your character that you've built up - and building up a character can take a while! I may even polish up the development system and release that. So, send me ideas and suggestion.

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(His old contacts are in the game, but you can find his current info at


Download Theldrow from Macintosh Garden.

Theldrow was a free Mac game developed and released by Glenn Andreas in 1988. While he maintained updates for a few years, by 1992, Glenn Andreas' interests shifted to building his scenario editor Delver, which became the engine for his Ambrosia Software RPG Cythera. Theldrow, a first-person RPG with elements of Might & Magic, was his earliest game, but it bears similarities to his later works. For instance, Theldrow, like Cythera, provides the player a lot of choice: to open a door, you can use magic, brute force, or thieving skills such as lock picking.

The plot of Theldrow is completely unique. The game starts about 10 years after the disappearance of your father, a scholar and historian who set out looking for something at Cravenshaw Castle near Boden but never returned. You grew up in a monastery with your mother, and following her recent death, you've decided it's time to find out what happened to your father all those years ago.

This is a very difficult game. Building up a character takes time, and it can be hard to collect enough money and resources to keep a character alive. Once you've run low on money, you can get into a cycle of dying so frequently that the character becomes worthless. On top of that, it's very easy to fall into a pit or trap that gets the character stuck, and without enough divine favor or money, there may be no way to proceed. Compounded by the lack of saving (you can only save by quitting) and some bugs which cause the game to occasionally crash, you have a recipe for a nearly impossible game.

I recommend quitting and backing up your character every once in a while in Finder. That can save you some time and frustration if something unexpected happens.

General Suggestions


Download a complete map of the game, based on the Hypercard stack shared by Carl over at the Macintosh Garden. It has been converted to a modern image format, using colors to denote connections between pathways. Paired with the compass, it makes finding your way around much easier.

The main goal of Theldrow is to acquire the four quadparts which together comprise the key to opening a portal to the Dark, located beneath the castle. Your father apparently did this years ago, but the quadparts have again been scattered. If you wish to follow him, you must find them.

  1. The first piece, the skull, is in the Cravenshaw Caverns. Even though this is located closest to the end of the game, Mites are fairly weak, so it may be easiest to acquire first.
  2. The second is the candle in the Catacombs. There's a strange maze-like hallway you have to walk back-and-forth through until you end up in a room with seemingly no doors. Keep searching for secret passages at every corner, and eventually you'll find the room with the candle.
  3. The third, the book, is in the Ant's Nest. The ants are also not very strong, but in large numbers, they can pose a problem. Fireballs can help here.
  4. Lastly, the bell is the fourth and is located directly under Boden. There is an ogre and some ratmen in the caverns, but usually only one or two at a time, so spells like Lightning may be worth trying.

When all parts are gathered, you can enter the portal room and place the skull north of the portal, the candle to the east, the book to the west, and equip the bell to click it when standing on the south. Go through the portal and navigate the teleporters to reach another door leading to Thelos. Bring a compass and use the map if you get stuck since the room of teleporters can be quite disorienting.

That's the entire game. It's really not very long; the main difficulty is in keeping your character alive long enough to build up and reach the end.


Due to the nearly-impossible aspects of finishing Theldrow (I've had it corrupt promising characters more than once!), I decided to cheat. In case others want to play the game but are struggling as well, I thought I'd share my findings.

Macros for Pandora's Box

The primary means of cheating Theldrow is through Pandora's Box, which allows you to read and write memory being used by different applications. For Theldrow, this means you can edit any of your character stats, assuming you know where to look in memory. After spending some time fiddling around in combat, buying/selling, using spells, and so on, I have located almost all important values in the game's data.

The table below lists the memory offsets and descriptions for many variables that will make playing the game easier, from health to clerical favor and more. You will need a registered version of Pandora's Box to create macros for these values, which can be obtained from the link to Macintosh Garden above. The provided addresses are the generic memory offsets which you can enter when the game is not running. Once the game is running, you can switch the macro to apply to Theldrow, and the memory location should update to be the original offset relative Theldrow's current location in memory.

Important Note! Most of these stats will not update on-screen until you move your character or interact with the affected value. For instance, when changing diety affiliation, you would need to cast a clerical spell to see the change take effect.

Value/Variable Name Data Type Memory Offset Notes
Stat - Strength Short 5258 Improvement/The Void result: Stronger +1; damage you can do in battle
Stat - Intelligence Short 5256 Improvement/The Void result: Smarter +1; ties into chance-to-cast but can't be too high; I usually put at 20 or 30 and have reasonable chance-to-cast
Stat - Wisdom Short 5254 Improvement/The Void result: Wiser +1; ties into clerical levels but not as much as divine favor
Stat - Dexterity Short 5252 Improvement/The Void result: Nimbler +1; probably chance to dodge, although unsure of actual calculation; also determines chance of successful stealing
Stat - Constitution Short 5250 Improvement/The Void result: More Robust +1; associated with fatigue
Stat - Charisma Short 5248 Improvement/The Void result: More Confident +1; useful for haggling
Battlewise Short 5228 Improvement/The Void result: More Battlewise +1; seems to be a measure of combat experience
Devotion Short 5226 Improvement/The Void result: More Devote (sic) +1; likely ties into clerical levels
Magical Short 5224 Improvement/The Void result: More Magical +1; ties to chance-to-cast? not entirely sure
Somehow Better Short 5222 Improvement/The Void result: Somehow Better +1; a measure of luck? allows you to comprehend more of parchment without using Comprehension spell
Diety Affiliation Short 5246 Table of Dieties (See note at bottom of this page)
Max Health Short 5240 Improvement/The Void result: Healthier +2
Current Health Short 5238 Best to set both this and max health high since a temporary damage calculation is used in combat that is based on max health; thus, you can still die with current health frozen if not high enough since it only updates again after a round of combat when the temporary damage calculation is applied back to the stat.
Max Fatigue Short 5236 Improvement/The Void result: More Energetic +2
Current Fatigue Short 5234 Similar to health, a temporary value is used each turn of combat and only updates at the end of a round
Max Power Short 5232 Improvement/The Void result: More Powerful +2
Current Power Short 5230 Set higher to be able to successfully cast spells; not sure of how it ties into chance-to-cast, but it seems to be among a number of factors
Money Short 5150 Ties into load somehow; perhaps they share part of the bits? I've had success locking at 32,000 since it gives plenty of money and keeps the load at minimum.
Gems Short 5146 Gems can be bought and sold in Boden or found in some chests; not sure the use beyond money
Game Time Counter Long 9936 Counts total gameplay time; increments continuously but seemingly no impact on gameplay
Sleep Counter Short 5078 Increments by 10 every step, resets to 0 when staying at inn or using Sanctuary; begins to affect fatigue and yield prompts to sleep as it gets higher. I freeze it at 0 typically.
Cleric - Level 1 Short 5166 Novitiate. Each casting of an L1 spell decrements by 1, and devotion through tithing and prayer can slowly build. Starts at 3, e.g. can cast L1 spells 3 times before running out of favor, but resets with sleeping.
Cleric - Level 2 Short 5164 Initiate. Same as before but starts at 1.
Cleric - Level 3 Short 5162 Acolyte. Same as before but starts at 0.
Cleric - Level 4 Short 5160 Heirophant. Same as before but starts at 0.
Cleric - Level 5 Short 5158 Priest. Same as before but starts at 0.
Divine Favor Short 5076 A karma-like value. Tithing and prayer increases while bad actions can decrease. Every failed cleric casting attempt decreases by 1. Combines with clerical level in some way to decide if spell casts or not. At very high values, anything will cast, regardless of favor for specific levels.
Material - Lotus Petal Short 5144 Material component for Sleep
Material - Griffin Feather Short 5142 Material component for Levitation
Material - Crystal Prism Short 5140 Material component for Charm
Material - Undead Bone Short 5138 Material component for Scare
Material - Spider Gland Short 5136 Material component for Web
Material - Blue Sapphire Short 5134 Material component for Comprehension
Material - White Agate Short 5132 Material component for Sanctuary
Material - Black Diamond Short 5130 Material component for Divine Intervention and Improvement
Spell Usage Counter? Short 5184 Some sort of tracker that increments with spell usage; possibly a measure of magic experience that affects "Magical" stat but may also tie into chance-to-cast; strangely, lower has seemed better in my limited testing
Load or Inventory? Short 5276 Relates to current items and load somehow but not entirely sure; I've been freezing it at 1000

More on Dieties

Thanks to mrdav over at the Macintosh Garden, the "Theldrow Mythologies" file is now available. You can download the original document from Macintosh Garden; alternatively, you can download a PDF version here.

The table of dieties that was linked above draws its content directly from the game's resource fork. The ordering matches the listing in the resource fork, as does the relationship to other dieties. The tag seems to indicate Male or Female with the first digit, but I'm still unsure what the G, L, D, or numbers represent.

Key for affiliations to other dieties: