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by Jason Whong

March Blizzards bring April Fools

It's March. The sun is coming back, the moon is looking nicer, and small animals are beginning to realize that maybe Ambrosia headquarters is not the place to hang out. Is it the warmer weather outside, or perhaps the mousetraps we've set up all around the office?

In any case, it's time to find out what's new again at Ambrosia.

Snapz Pro 1.1.1 Released!

We revved up Snapz Pro 1.1.1 in January, just as the snow was preventing us from coming in to work. The latest release added an "info window" that helps you keep track of the cursor location while you're snapping screenshots. We also made it Mac OS 8.5 savvy. Of course, the update is free if you're already registered for Snapz Pro.

Cythera Contest Winner

Insanely Great Macintosh held a contest in February. The grand prize was a chance to appear as a character in Cythera. Well, after a random drawing, the winner was Stephen R. Banks, who is thrilled that he's included in the game.

Now the funky question is... where do you find him? And how do you get him to divulge his real name? Is he the only easter egg in the coming game? Would I be mentioning it if it weren't? Looks like you'll have to kidnap me to find out. Muhahahaha...

Ambrosia Buzz at World Without Borders

On the second Wednesday of each month at 9 PM ET, you can shoot the breeze with Ambrosia personalities. Join Marketdroid Jason Whong and whoever else decides to show up (Glenn Andreas, Ben Spees, Jesse Liesch, and of course Andrew Welch have been known to show up on occasion).

Of course, you can usually find most of us hanging out on IRC via EFNet in #avara, among other places.

Snapz Pro 2 Enters Beta

Yeah yeah, I know I just wrote about Snapz Pro. But wait! There's more news! Snapz Pro 2 is coming, and it really deserves the new version number. Why? Well, check out Sneak Snapz (which, for once, is actually about Snapz Pro). What earth-shattering improvements will be in the release? Only the beta testers know. Unfortunately, the beta list is closed, but you can sit tight while Andrew finishes reading "Inside Macintosh: QuickTime." Oh? Did I just give something away? Oops. How silly of me.

Beta Tester Bribery

While it's too late to get in on the Snapz Pro 2 beta, you might increase your chances of getting in on the Ferazel or Pop-Pop beta lists if you send us a bribe. We're not looking for anything extravagant, or expensive to ship. But we've enjoyed the nice tokens that people have chosen to send, particularly the edible ones.

David Posts A Web Page

Yes, it's true folks. David Dunham, after more than a year of being our tech support manager, has finally posted a web page, chock-full of neat pictures! You can see why he was trying to teach Hector to say "Dave's a handsome man!"

A Farewell to John

Weep, ye legions of fans. John Cook stopped working at Ambrosia in February. While Ambrosia succeeded in its efforts to convert him to the Macintosh fold, John has moved on to an accounting position at another company. And now, we bid him a fond farewell. Anyone who misses his columns can write me, and I'll pass on the correspondence.

A Welcome to Bernard

After John's departure, we ran slim for a few weeks, then found a new finance manager. It was pretty easy, actually. Remember the "friend on the inside" of the bank that Jason wrote about in January 1998? That was Bernard.

Bernard Cockhern has got to be the coolest guy at Ambrosia (besides Andrew, because he signs the paychecks, and David, Matt, and John Champlin, because they could all beat me up for saying they're not cool). Bernard has spent six years in the banking industry, and it looks like Ambrosia will be right up his alley. Why not drop him a note and welcome him to his new job?

An Overdue Farewell

In the last issue we meant to bid a fond farewell to Matt Walicke, our resident data entry expert. But we forgot to. We see him so frequently that I forgot he stopped working here. But, I figured that since we said goodbye to everybody else, we should say it to him, too -- even if it's a bit overdue.

What's your fave Ambrosia game?

I'm sure many of you have a favorite Ambrosia game. Help us out by telling us what yours is, and why! Just write a couple of sentences and send them to Jason. While you're at it, why not tell him what you think of the Ambrosia Times? Should Bernard write a column? Should there be more screenshots? Hints? Let us know what you think.

Well, I guess that's it for this issue. Keep reading, you're only on page 3!

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