Cythera spells

The tomes of the spells that require Casting(1) through Casting(3) can found in the main library at Pnyx. The rest, with the exception of Remove Mage Lock, can be found in the halls corresponding to the amount of Casting required(ex. Casting(5) spells can be found in hall 5). For information about how to get into the halls, check out the mission Retrieve Books of Wisdom (x/10).
Directed NexusCasting(1)1Teleports your party back to Land King Hall
Minor EmbrightenmentCasting(1)2Creates a small amount of light around you
Detect ConcealmentCasting(1)10Detects hidden objects
Detect TrapsCasting(1)10Detects hidden traps
NutrientCasting(1)4Cures hunger
Mystic ArrowCasting(1)4Slightly damaging ranged magical attack
AwakenCasting(1)1Cures sleep
Lesser HealingCasting(1), Healing Magic2Restores a small number of hit points to the target
Detect RuneCasting(1), Runic Magic2Supposedly detects hidden runes, but I don't think it works
AcertainmentCasting(2)4Used before talking to someone to determine if they're lying
SoporiferousnessCasting(2)4Puts target to sleep
TerrorisationCasting(2)6Causes target to run in fear
Resist BlowsCasting(2)6Reduces damage that the target takes during combat
RallyCasting(2)4Removes magical fear from everyone in your party
EmbrightenmentCasting(2), Minor Embrightenment4Creates a medium amount of light around you
HealingCasting(2), Lesser Healing4Restores a medium number of hit points to the target
Rune of WardingCasting(2), Runic Magic8Supposedly signals you when something steps on it, but I don't think it works
Rune of FlameCasting(2), Runic Magic8Burns the first person who steps on it
Dispel runeCasting(2), Runic Magic6Removes runes, but only those that are visible
Vision of the NightCasting(3)8Your vision turns black and white, but you can see in the dark
DerangementCasting(3)6Causes the target to be confused
Mage LockCasting(3)12Creates a lock on a door or container that is very difficult to open, even for the caster
Awaken AllCasting(3), Awaken9Wakes up everyone in your party
Major EmbrightenmentCasting(3), Embrightenment6Lights up your whole view
Greater HealingCasting(3), Healing6Restores a large number of hit points to the target
AlleviationCasting(3), Healing Magic6Cures poison in the target
Rune of BlockingCasting(3), Runic Magic12Creates a temporary barrier
Remote ManipulationCasting(4)16Allows you to use a distant object, including ladders and stairs
LightningCasting(4)16Highly damaging ranged attack (I almost killed Timon testing it out!)
Resist FireCasting(4)12Makes the target temporarily immune to heat, and that means lava
OpenCasting(4)12Unlocks conventional locks
CureCasting(4), Alleviation8Cures poison and a number of other spells on a target
Rune of PainCasting(4), Runic Magic20Causes damage to the first thing that walks over it
Death StrikeCasting(5)15Causes serious damage to the target (I killed Hector from full health testing it!)
FireballCasting(5)20Causes damage over a large area
ParalyzeCasting(5)15Temporarily immobilizes the target
Shake DownCasting(5)10Causes the target to drop what they are carrying, but it doesn't always work
DaylightCasting(5), Major Embrightenment10Lights up your whole view for longer than Major Embrightenment
CharmCasting(6)18Gets the target to consider you an ally, but the alliance doesn't seem to extend to the rest of your party
FetchCasting(6)24It fails to bring you objects like it's supposed to, but regardless, it's the most powerful spells this game has to offer(see the tricks section for details)
Mass TerrorisationCasting(6), Terrorisation12This creates fear in all your opponents
Mass CureCasting(6), Cure18Performs cure on your entire party
FarsightCasting(7)14Gives you an overhead view of the surrounding terrain
ReplicateCasting(7)21Duplicates certain objects
Mass ConfusionCasting(7), Derangement28Causes all your opponents to be confused
TremorCasting(8)16Causes an earthquake that damages all your opponents
RestorationCasting(8), Cure24Restores the target to perfect condition
ResurrectionCasting(8), Healing Magic16Bring the dead back to life, just like the Land King Amulet
Remove Mage LockCasting(5)*20Removes mage locks *Must be learned by using a grimoire on the scroll in Itanos' desk in Kosha

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