Cythera Books

Thanks to Emmet Hikory and Chris Pickel for this great list of books.
Lifecycle of ScyllaLKH library, Pnyx 4H
Bestiary of Asilops, Common BeastsLKH library, Pnyx 5H
Bestiary of Asilops, Uncommon BeastsLKH library, Pnyx 5H
Flora and Fauna of CytheraLKH library, Pnyx ML
Bestiary of Asilops, Legendary BeastsLKH library, Pnyx 5H
Basis of MagicLKH library, Pnyx ML
Cademia, Mother CityLKH library, Pnyx 7H
Spas of CatamarcaLKH library, Pnyx 7H
Pnyx, City of Mistery (sic)LKH library
Lost Cult of ScyllaLKH library, Pnyx ML, Pnyx 6H
Exploration of Seldane Ruins by TimonLKH Alaric, Charax, Sacas
Bestiary of Asilops, Magickal BeastsLKH Alaric, Pnyx 5H
An Account of Semius the Golem HunterCTM Citadel, Pnyx ML
First Prophesy of Neleneus the SavantPnyx ML
Second prophesy of Neleneus the SavantMachaon
Third Prophesy of Neleneus the SavantPnyx ML, Anisa, Machaon
History of KytheraPnyx ML, Pnyx 4H
Aloiphos APnyx ML, Pnyx 4H
Aloiphos BPnyx ML, Pnyx 5H
Aloiphos FPnyx ML, Pnyx 7H
Aloiphos FDPnyx ML
Aloiphos JPnyx 4H
Aloiphos MJPnyx ML, Pnyx 5H
Aloiphos MRSPnyx ML
Aloiphos OPnyx ML, Pnyx 6H
Aloiphos VPnyx ML, Pnyx 6H
Aloiphos VAPnyx 8H
Aloiphos VDPnyx 8H
Aloiphos YAPnyx 8H
Aloiphos YDPnyx ML, Pnyx 7H
Aloiphos YHPnyx ML
Aloiphos YSPnyx ML, Pnyx 6H
Lost Settlement of AbydosAnisa, Pnyx 4H
Basic Alchemical PotionsPnyx ML
Alaric's Government, an analysis by MeclemelusMyus, Naxos
The Maze of InitiationTemple
An Artifact of PnyxLKH lab
Seldane Ruins of PnyxLKH lab
Alaric, LandkingLKH lab
Report on the Hidden Chiefs and the Cult of ScyllaPnyx B
A translation of the Cipher ManuscriptStronghold, Pnyx 8H
History of the Cipher ManuscriptStronghold, Pnyx 8H
Journal of TavaraStronghold

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