The People of Pnyx


Job: Headmaster of the Magisterium
Notes: Lindus operates the magisterium. He decides who should recieve training, and can train you in mana and casting himself. The students feel that he is a decent guy.


Job: Healing instructor
Notes: Pheres a master of healing magic. If you ask he can train you. The students know him as friendly. He needs a harpy egg for a project he is working on.


Job: Runes instructor


Job: Alchemy instructor
Notes: Palaestra is a master of Alchemy. She can teach it to you, if you ask. She is known by the students as not being the friendliest, but knowing alchemy well. She may one day be surpassed by Charax.


Job: Librarian
Notes: Selinus knows every book in the Magisterium. He is very old. If you bring him the Sapphire Books of Wisdom, he can give you the passwords to the higher degree magic halls.


Job: Owns and operates the study hall
Notes: Helen serves mediocre food. Her Dodona cousins run most of the inns in Cythera. She is married to Paris. Since she and Paris have common cousins, it goes to reason that either they are (uggh) cousins or (UGGH!!) siblings. She is the mother of Niobe.


Job: Shop operator
Notes: Paris sells some good equipment. Torchs are a good source of light, and bags can hold 80 grains without increasing their own weight. He is married to Helen and is the father of Niobe. His Dodona cousins run most of the inns in Cythera.


Job: Helping her mother
Notes: Niobe had a weird dream involving you. She is the daughter of Helen and Paris.


Job: Runes student
Notes: Clytemnestra is about to graduate and become a freemage.


Job: Undecided student
Notes: Peisander is the newest student.


Job: Healing student
Notes: Danae is just another student.


Job: Alchemy student
Notes: Menelaus is just another student.


Job: Healing student
Notes: Protesilaus is just another student.


Job: Student
Notes: Alcyone is just another student.


Job: Healing student
Notes: Thrasymedes is just another student.


Job: Runes student
Notes: Peleus is just another student.


Job: Undecided student
Notes: Lycaon is just another student.


Job: Student
Notes: Semele hopes to become a researcher.

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