Other People


Location: Land King Hall
Job: Land King
Notes: Alaric has a bond to the land. This bond is weakening, however. You must do whatever you can to heal him.


Location: Land King Hall
Job: King's Fool
Notes: Magpie is much more than the king's fool. He has valuable insights on many things about Cythera.


Location: Land King Hall
Job: Captain of the Guard
Notes: Hadrian is a brave warrior. He can train you in many valuable combat related skills. He is married to Emesa and has one son, Hector. Because of his duties, he didn't have the time to honor his mother, Andra, when she died recently.


Location: Land King Hall
Job: Cook
Notes: Emesa specializes in making bread. She is married to Hadrian and has one son, Hector.


Location: Land King Hall
Job: Warrior
Notes: Hector is the son of Hadrian and Emesa. He hopes to follow in his father's footsteps to become a great warrior. He wishes to join you on your quest.


Location: Flax farm
Job: Farmer
Notes: Pelops runs the flax farm. He will sell you flax at seven oboloi per bale. He is the husband of Alcmena and the father of Asteropaeus.


Location: Flax farm
Job: Farmer
Notes: Alcmena runs the flax farm with her husband, Pelops. She is the mother of Asteropaeus. She takes care of the goats. The cheese she makes is excellent. She also knows how to make butter.


Location: Flax farm
Job: Slacking off
Notes: Asteropaeus is too shy to talk to you.


Location: North Shore Vineyard
Job: Vineyard Operator
Notes: Glaucus' stock of wine is ruined. He suspect magic.


Location: Southland Vineyard
Job: Wine Maker
Notes: Borus makes the wine at Southland Vineyard. He is married to Briseis.


Location: Southland Vineyard
Job: Vineyard Operator
Notes: Briseis handles the business end of Southland Vineyard. Recently, she contracted out her entire store of wine to House Comana. She is married to Borus the wine maker.


Location: Source of River Styx
Job: Freemage
Notes: Prusa went insane while working on a spell called 'true seeing.' She fled Kosha to go to the source of the River Styx, where she remains to this day.


Location: A cave
Job: Freemage
Notes: Eioneus works on magically enhancing weapons. If you take him some obsidian, he can improve your weapons.


Location: Charax's House
Job: Freemage
Notes: Charax studys alchemy. He is known to enjoy wine. He may one day surpass Palaestra's skill in alchemy.


Location: Headwater Ruins
Job: Freemage
Notes: Timon is investigating the seldane ruins at the source of a river. Coincidentally, his sister, Larisa, is investigating the swamp ruins. Timon is an expert about the seldane.


Location: Swamp Ruins
Job: Freemage
Notes: Larisa is Timon's sister. She was investigating the ruins in the swamp. When she left, she mysteriously disappeared. No one has ever seen her since.


Location: Swamp Ruins
Job: Larisa's assistant
Notes: Joppa was sent by Myus to assist Larisa. Timon doesn't like Joppa. When Larisa disappears, so does Joppa. Where they went, nobody knows.


Location: Bridge by Cademia
Job: Bodyguard
Notes: Meleager used to be a bodyguard until his services were no longer needed. He will join your party for the small fee of 50 oboloi.


Location: Abandoned Farmhouse
Job: Kidnapping Ariadne
Notes: He kidnapped Ariadne. He has the key to the trapdoor.


Location: Odemia Prison
Job: Member of Eudoxus' Gang
Notes: He can give you a little, but not much, information about his employers.


Location: Mining camp
Job: Foreman of the iron mine
Notes: Amphidamas is in charge of the iron mine. The mine has become unproductive because of the discovery of a seldane.


Location: Mining camp
Job: Cook
Notes: Eurybates is new to the iron mine.


Location: Wandering
Job: Bard
Notes: Demodocus is the great bard of Cythera. He travels the land to entertain everyone. He is good friends with Bryaxis. He even encoded one of Bryaxis' musical locks in Kosha for Canachus.


Location: Mining camp
Job: Miners
Notes: These wimpy miners are too cowardly to reenter the mine after the discovery of a seldane.


Location: Iron mine
Job: Sit around and do nothing
Notes: Jhiaxus is the son of Sabinate. He was married to Jinrai, but she was killed by her own people. Without Jinrai, Jhiaxus has nothing to do but sit around and scare miners.


Location: The same cave as Eioneus
Job: No job in particular
Notes: Ignae is a fire spirit. He can tell you about the conflict between the elements.


Location: Cave of the seldane
Job: Leader of the seldane
Notes: Sabinate is the father of Jhiaxus. He is also the leader of the remaining seldane.


Location: Cave of the seldane
Job: Doorkeeper of the Ayrit
Notes: UnHayt is one of the few seldane left. He has a sapphire book.


Location: Cave of the seldane
Job: Watcher of the Ayrit
Notes: Seqedher is one of the few remaining seldane.


Location: Cave of the seldane
Job: Herald of the Ayrit
Notes: Uset is one of the few remaining seldane.


Location: UrSylph's prison
Job: Former leader of the sylphs
Notes: UrSylph, once mighty, has been imprisoned by earth, surrounded by fire, and isolated by water. He has valuable knowledge about the elements.


Location: Everywhere, yet nowhere
Job: Advising you
Notes: Though helpful in the beginning, you would be wise to take his advice with a grain of salt. Remember, everyone has their own motives.


Location: Land's End Volcano
Job: Ghost
Notes: Jinrai is the former wife of Jhiaxus. She was killed by her own people, the undine, because she married Jhiaxus. You must honor her.

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