The People of Odemia


Job: Elder of House Nicander, leader of Odemia
Notes: Philinus is the father of both Opheltius and Ascalon. He used to hunt with Tlepolemus.


Job: Member of House Nicander
Notes: Little can be found out about Ariadne. She refuses to say more than a few words. Quite rude, considering that you rescued her from the ruffians!


Job: Member of House Nicander
Notes: Ascalon is Opheltius' little brother, and the youngest son of Philinus. Many consider him to be a fool. It is doubtful that he would be a good leader of House Nicander.


Job: Judge of Odemia
Notes: Sacas is the judge of Odemia. She may have you interrogate the bandit in her prison, and investigate kesh.


Job: Captain of the Guard in Odemia
Notes: As Captain of the Guard, Thersites is skilled in the use of the mace and the axe. He is willing to train you if you ask. He can tell you a little bit about Kesh, and about the kidnapping of Ariadne.


Job: Weaver
Notes: Ake is a master weaver. She gets all her thread from Hebe. She is married to Milcom. Sardis is her son.


Job: Smith and head of House Atussa
Notes: Milcom is married to Ake. Sardis is his son. He enjoys being a smith. He can sell you excellent weapons and armor. He can also sell you smith's friend potions if you ask him about the heat.


Job: Threadmaker
Notes: Hebe will buy flax from you at 10 oboloi per bale. All the thread she produces goes straight to Ake. She has unresolved feelings for Antenor.


Job: Owns and operates the Titan's Head Inn
Notes: Crito can give you a good room and a tasty meal. He has a crush on Hebe. His cousins run most of the other taverns and inns in Cythera. Like many innkeepers in Cythera, he is a member of House Dodona.


Job: Hunter and Fisherman
Notes: Tlepolemus spends most of his time fishing just outside the walls of Odemia. He's mostly given up hunting because of all the ruffians. He'll sell you fish, and can teach you how to fish. Unfortunately, it does not seem possible to fish. He and Philinus used to hunt together.

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