The People of Kosha


Job: Leader of Kosha, elder of House Comana
Notes: Myus, like all Comanas, is a liar and a criminal. Rumor has it that he and his brothers killed their father, Canachus.


Job: Majordomo of House Comana
Notes: Pelagon is not what he seems. It would seem that he has been replaced by a shape-changer. His friend, Stentor, knows more about him.


Job: Gem merchant
Notes: Atreus sells obsidian, rubies, and diamonds. He also buys them, though at half of the best price you expect to get them at. He worries about Laodice.


Job: Judge of Kosha
Notes: Itanos' position in Kosha is purely due to tradition. Kosha, since it has only one house, has very little need of a judge. Itanos seems to recognize that something wasn't quite right about the death of Canachus. He also feels that Prusa and Stentor leaving might be related.


Job: Owns and operates the Roasted Haunch Inn
Notes: Ariethous makes some of the finest meat in all of Cythera. He can also give you a room for the night. He plans to marry Laodice.


Job: Cook for House Comana
Notes: Laodice plans to marry Ariethous.


Job: Begging
Notes: If you give him some money, he will tell you about the Tyrant's Tomb and then pass out. If you give him enough money, he will also give you a key that can be used in the tomb.

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