The People of Catamarca


Job: Ruling Catamarca
Notes: Propontis is the elder of Strymon. He caught the plague, but recovers quickly once the plague is cured. He has a younger brother, Halos, in Cademia. He is also the husband of Mantinea.


Job: Helping rule Catamarca
Notes: She is married to the elder of House Strymon, Propontis. She saw Darius hanging out with ruffians once.


Job: Representing House Comana
Notes: Darius is the youngest of the Comana brothers. He undoubtedly played a large role in the kidnapping of Ariadne


Job: Judge of Catamarca
Notes: Metopes is unsure whether he wishes to become a master mage. He doesn't like the part about becoming a freemage.


Job: Majordomo of the citadel
Notes: Polydamas has trouble hearing, so you may need to ask him things several times. He know about a Sapphire Book of Wisdom, if you ask him.


Job: Representing House Atussa, (Attusa according to him)
Notes: Poor Sardis! He doesn't even know the correct spelling of his own house! He does know about Nicander and Odemia, though. He spends most of his time working for House Strymon, because House Atussa has so little power. He is the son of Ake and Milcom.


Job: Full-time drunk
Notes: If you give Eumelus some spare change, he'll tell you about the plague. Aside from that, he does little but stink up the Green Goat Inn.


Job: Owns and operates the Green Goat Inn
Notes: Parium can give you a good meal, and a nice room. Aethon owes him a little bit of money, though. His cousins run most of the other taverns and inns in Cythera. Like many innkeepers in Cythera, he is a member of House Dodona.

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