The People of Cademia


Job: Judge of Cademia
Notes: Since, as many know, Cademia is a crime infested ghetto, Berossus' job is particularly important. He's the guy you have to go through to proce Halos is innocent.


Job: Successor to House Attis
Notes: Malis hopes to one day rule House Attis. He is the son of Thuria, and the brother of Cybele.


Job: Representing House Comana
Notes: Naxos knows whats going on when Opheltius is murdered. Naxos also arranged to buy all the wine that Southland Vineyard can produce.


Job: Representing House Nicander
Notes: Opheltius was the son of Philinus and Ariadne, and the older brother of Ascalon. He would have been the successor to House Nicander had he not met his untimely demise.


Job: Cook in the castle
Notes: Alcestris has been the cook in the castle for a very long time.


Job: Majordomo to Judge Berossus
Notes: Asius is insignificant.


Job: Selling household goods
Notes: Antenor used to be romantically involved with Hebe, but had to leave for Cademia for reasons that he blames on himself. He can sell you a house for 10,000 oboloi. Good luck getting that much!


Job: Tailor
Notes: Hypsenor buys fabric from local artisans and Ake to turn it in to simple clothing. You can buy clothing from him.


Job: Running Dares' Eatery
Notes: Dares runs the imaginatively named Dares' Eatery. He is married to Diomede. They have the same disgusting problem as Paris and Helen in Pnyx. His Dodona cousins run most of the inns in Cythera.


Job: Assisting Dares
Notes: Diomede helps Dares run Dares' Eatery. Her Dodona cousins run most of the inns in Cythera.


Job: Master mage
Notes: Bryaxis spends most of his time working on combining music and magic. His one success so far involved using music to lock doors. One such door is in Kosha, another is in Cademia's sewers. He is good friends with Demodocus the bard.


Job: Head Ratcatcher
Notes: Eteocles decides who to let join the Ratcatchers Guild. If you want to join, you'll need someone to vouch for you. Also, the fee to join is 50 oboloi. Once you join, you are entitled to various member benefits. You recieve the key to the sewers, free training, and get to buy equipment that no one else sells!


Job: Ratcatcher
Notes: Aethon goes by a variety of aliases. He's friends with Halos. He does not get along well with Meleager, but secretly respects him. If he joins your party, he'll vouch for your admittance to the Ratcatchers Guild.


Job: Sewer rat
Notes: Dryas is the youngest member of the Ratcatchers Guild. He plays an important role when Opheltius is murdered.


Job: Begging
Notes: Neoptolemus was a merchant when he was younger. Haggling and persuasion came in handy back in those days. He might be willing to train you, if you listen to his stories. He refuses to talk to you unless you know his name, though. He is known for one phrase: "Get off my yard!"


Job: Representing House Strymon
Notes: Halos is the brother of Propontis. He works with House Attis a great deal. He is friends with Cybele. For a time, the murder of Opheltius was blamed on him.


Job: Miner
Notes: Atymnius used to work in the House Attis' iron mine until one fateful day when he stumbled across a seldane. He was shaken up pretty badly. He came to Cademia to tell his story to Thuria. Now he sits around in the Two-Tailed Rat.


Job: Running the Two-Tailed Rat
Notes: Though her inn is in the slums, Apis manages to run a nice place. She gets her flour from Periphas the baker. She is running low on wine.


Job: Minter
Notes: Autonous has made every single obol for the past twelve years.


Job: Blacksmith
Notes: Though Thoas' equipment isn't as good as Milcom's, it does get the job done. His wife died when his son, Dymas, was born.


Job: Helping his father
Notes: Dymas is the son of Thoas, the blacksmith. His mother died when he was born.


Job: Matron of House Attis
Notes: Thuria is the elder of House Attis. Atymnius told her about the troubles with their iron mine. She is the mother of Cybele and Malis.


Job: Member of House Attis
Notes: Cybele is the daughter of Thuria and the sister of Malis. She is friends with Halos.


Job: Servant of House Attis
Notes: Thetis has worked with Thuria since she was a young girl. She met and married Bias while working for House Attis.


Job: Servant of House Attis
Notes: Bias claims to have worked with Thuria since he was a man girl. I don't really want to know more about that. He met and married Thetis while he was working for House Attis.


Job: Working for House Comana
Notes: He never says anything other than that he takes his duties to House Comana very seriously.


Job: Historian
Notes: Anisa is a master historian. She is familiar with many aspects of Cythera's history. She is a valuable resource. All you need to do is ask.


Job: Former Majordomo of Itanos
Notes: Stentor used to be the majordomo of Itanos in Kosha. One day, he was out fishing with Pelagon. Pelagon was killed by a scylla. When Stentor got back, Pelagon was there. He knew Pelagon was dead, so he left for Cademia.


Job: Tanner
Notes: Alastor sells quality leather goods. If you bring him a gator skin, he can make you a pair of gator boots.


Job: Fletcher
Notes: Oeneus makes quality bows and arrows.


Job: Baker
Notes: Periphas supplies Apis with flour.

Meat Salesman

Job: Meat Salesman
Notes: Not a real talkative fellow. He sells meat in the commons.

Cheese Merchant

Job: Cheese merchant
Notes: She sells cheese, but otherwise refuses to talk to you.

Fruit Salesman

Job: Fruit Salesman
Notes: He sells fruit in the commons. Aside from that, he refuses to talk to you.

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